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*WORKS as of 3/7/2018* Download Squall's CS Mappack 11 (Does not include CS Source Maps)

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de_wallmart Sequel


Currently in the works! I've teamed up with my friend Nate to bring this map to you. We're planning on a novelty map to end all novelty maps. Check back for updates.


fy_poolday_reunion & fy_poolday_reunion_lite


The only genuine Squall CS:S sequel to my original fy_poolday & fy_poolparty. I've taken advantage of the Source Engine's bump mapped textures and texture effects in this map. I wanted to make the windows in the pool transparent to the basement hallway, but water in the HL2 engine just won't render from the side. The standard version has tons of physics objects from glass blocks to bathroom stall doors, to a paddle board in the pool. There's also the "lite" version for slower computers and servers. Enjoy.

Download at CSM2.net

Download at CSM2.net (LITE VERSION)




Currently in the works. It's gonna be way better than the first. More vehicles, more detail, more hidden vehicles, a secret ultimate weapon, more places to go and things to run over!

The car above is my '84 Nissan 300ZX Turbo. Yes, it's in the map. Yes, it's drivable. No, you can't get inside it.

*UPDATE* This project is being moved to Counter-Strike: Source!!



After the release of de_dorms I was dissappointed in how slowly de_dorms was circulating. I wanted to make a map everyone would want to play, a unique map, a map that when you heard the name, you'd be like "what the... I wanna play that". Then booom, de_wallmart was born. Many thanks goes to a group of guys who went into the store and took photos for me to turn in textures.

This map took about 2 months to complete. In the middle of it, I had an idea to make fy_pool_day and did that in 2 days. Oddly, Fy_pool_day is more popular than de_wallmart.

Wondering where the Wallmart hostage skins are? Download them Here

Download at CSM2.net



I hadn't seen the Jackass Movie, but the previews with the crew crashing on the giant shopping cart was enough to provoke me to make it a cs map. The only real guns are under the crates of vegetables. You'll need to crash into them to get weapons.

Download at CSM2.net




Right after de_wallmart I had cleaned up the basement and found my 486 computer. I thought it'd be cool to run around inside a computer so I starting taking photos for textures. The next day de_desktop was done.

Download at CSM2.net



I had been thinking about making a dance party map for a long time. I did a small portion of that inde_dorms but I wanted a a bigger map. I also wanted the ability for a player to change songs. I had tried this before with cs_grocerystore but didn't work out then either. I've concluded its impossible with HL to change repeating wav files on the fly. I also wanted to try out simulating blacklight effects. It worked out pretty well.

Download at CSM2.net



The ONLY sequel to fy_pool_party. It's slightly bigger with a few more paths and much better detail. No more camping in the stalls--toilet noises sound off continually until the camper leaves the stalls. Don't forget to grap a tasty HE beverage out of the vending machines.

Download at CSM2.net



There was a lack of good crazy ole' vehicle maps. I was sick of getting in a big green box, barely being able to see over the top, and getting stuck on corners that weren't even touching the vehicle. I wanted this map to actaully look like soemthing other than a blurry brown screen. I choose to made it an auto-equiping HE grenades map because people would just camp with guns. I wanted action and explosions and crazy funny crap. And I hope this map satifies everyone's crazyass exploding crap-everywhere map. For those of you who haven't played a quality comical non-traditional CS map, try it.

And see if you can oncover the secret vehicle.

Download at CSM2.net



I couldn't decide whether to make fy_pool (_day) a daytime or nigth map I liked both atmospheres. So I did both. I thought it would be cool to have HE grenades only. It took some tiem to figure out how to do it. But I can proudly say, my map was teh first to have auto-equipping grenades.

Rounds usually only 2-5 seconds. There's also a weird little unintentional anomoly with the hottub - If you duck under the water, you become invinceable.

Download at CSM2.net



While working on de_wallmart, I had the idea for a small map with a cool setting, instead of nasty oversized redundant textures. It turned out to be my most popular map.

If you think your a good CS player, bust up a few rounds on this map. Fast and Furious.

Download at CSM2.net



De_jeepathon2k was a fun, cheap map back in the day. I hated how you'd get sniped before the jeep got up to speed. They were old and clunky. Now, you can play it with mini scooters that are about 4-5 times faster. Enjoy the extra ramps and the enhanced bomb explosion.

Download at CSM2.net



This map was originally going to be an exact replica of my college dorms. I had only created one map before this (cs_grocerystore, was hand't been finished yet). I still had much to learn. I didn't yet realize that the HL just plain wouldn't handle that kind of detail. I didn't do much planning before I started, I usually just start it and adapt as I go. In first few days, I had got a compiled section of our hallways. As I play-tested it, a few friends came in and were like "holy ... is that our hallway. It was the hallway with our doors, brick walls, stairwell, and lights above the doors. It was great.

I worked on it for a while and had two dorm buildings. The compiler was screwing up because every room had windows and both buildings could "see" each other. I ended up making textured windows and ultimatly making one of the dorm buildings into ruins. Now that I know what the HL engine can handle, I figure i did a decent job. If I had no life I could redo the textures and some other things, but I want to keep it the way it is.

One of the doors in the upper level has a bunch of posters and crpa on it--that's my last room. The guy on the wall when you open one ofthe dorm room doors is my roommate Ryan. He got me started in CS.

Download at CSM2.net



The first map I've ever done. It was originally for HL. I had got HL just to make levels. I didn't even seriously play HL until after he_offroad was done. It's a replica of the grocery store I worked at during high school. I just recently went through it and fixed some stuff up to compile it for good. It's ok, to really appreitate it you would of had to work at that place. Credit goes to Justin K. for the idea.

Download at CSM2.net



You inside a cat's butthole - FIGHT! What else would you do!? Spawn points are mixed up for some crazy, spazam-promoting map. Don't forget night vision! Plant the bomb for a treat.

Download at CSM2.net



This is revision 5 of another crazy map for use with the Auto-Respawning plugin for AdminMod. Pick up a gun and go. Theres a mini tank--your key to survival. If you pratice with it enough, you can go around the block with it over and over killing by the tens. The textures were taken from my cs_bikiniraid map.

Download at CSM2.net



I wanna a good map just to goof off and run over some people in a small chaotic map. (again). This map was developed from a parody of the as_crazytank maps called "as_crazyasspeiceoffrickendogshit" where there were really nasty scaled to hell textures with no point but to aimlessly run over people not caring which team they were on. Tk_time takes care of those - I don't wanna play any more of those damn maps with really bad texturing blues. There are 2 mini Tk'ing tanks in this map for your needs.

Download at CSM2.net